Very pleased to be playing for this worthy cause.


Schallwerkstadt Kandern-Holzen Germany.






HI guys. I am excited to announce a free music download with every mailing list sign-up. Enjoy the song 'Easily satisfied', a duet with Kim June Johnson, and let me know what you think.

This is my place online

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Welcome to the website of Canadian-born singer/songwriter Norm Strauss. Always artful and insightful, you have come to the right place if you are looking for authentic music.
 Hi all. I am so glad you dropped by. They say it's all about the song. I think it's more than that. I think it's the stories and people behind the songs as well. I hope I am writing songs with the most wholesome of ingredients. If you are interested in listening to some of my music check out the songs page.
"Norm Strauss's music style is a mixture of the most rootsy and authentic of North American acoustic music styles; folk, blues, old style country, and even a touch of Canadian celtic music, which are all formed around world class finger style guitar playing and a strong baritone voice. His lyrics are thoughtful stories from life experiences. If you like songs that go deeper than the surface and invite you on a journey of the heart, you owe yourself a listen. "

Take a look around. Read some blogs, watch some video. Find out when and where the gigs are on the gigs page. Let me know what you think. 


Inglewood Music Club Calgary


Isabel Ment and Norm Strauss Berlin Ufafabrik soundcheck.


what a moment.

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"Full-blooded musician!"-Stefanie Kloss-Lead singer 'Silbermond (SlilverMoon) Voice of Germany coach. 

As the first tones filled the room with warmth, the text and music of this Canadian musician went straight to the heart. Some people were smiling, many were moved to tears. 
Lisa Klaus-Spektrum Leben Magazine Germany. 

Masterful Musicianship. 
Gilli Moon-SongsAlive Los Angeles

Authentic and from the heart
Grenchener Daily News (Switzerland)

Norm's intelligent songwriting style and intricate capabilities as a guitar player and all around musician shine through in his words, music, and especially his live performance. One of my favorites, a must see!" - Angus Wilson. Legacy Guitar and Coffee house Cochrane Alberta. 

You will find out how spiritual music can be. 
Pep Estrada-Vamp Club Palma Mallorca

Great entertainment. Super Music. Pure Emotion. 
Bettina Knauer-Max 30 Augsberg Germany

.. draws the audience in to what is ultimately more than just a folk music concert. 
LudwigsburgerKulturKeller, Ludwigsburg Germany

Enthusiastic concert goers were treated to a warm and inspiring evening of fine storytelling and excellent music from the Canadian artist Norm Strauss. Many thanks to a unique artist of world class!"
Marcus Mike Stelz, Mike's Music Store, "The Acoustic Lounge"

Yes It's True!
A strange thing happened to me. I was walking down a back alley in Berlin with my guitar when I spied a half opened door with 'BACKSTAGE' written on it. Thinking maybe i could catch a glimpse of someone famous i gingerly stepped into the cool darkness. I heard a noise and turned left where i saw another open door through which i could se
e bright lights. I have always been a curious fellow so i stepped through only to find myself suddenly on a large, brightly lit stage in front of hundreds of people. Four large chairs stood in front of me with the backs turned. " Is this Germany Idol or something?", I said but no one heard me. Suddenly a band started playing and I saw no one at the microphone. Not wanting to waste a good rock and roll moment like this i stepped up and started to sing...

What happened next? Well that is now all ancient history of course, but if you missed it all,  you can read all about in my blog


Norm, Stephanie Kloss (Coach) and Isabel Ment.